Action experience incredibly atmospheric and intense medieval combat.
Go ahead and enter a new world, the award – winning world of ENCLAVE!
People of Light and Darkness is divided by a bottomless crevasse divided the land for many millennia. Light lands are an enclave of truth and order surrounded by the twisted and barren lands of darkness known as the distant lands. Throughout the centuries, the crack began to close …

And now it ‘s only a matter of time before the forces of Light and Darkness collide in an unprecedented struggle without pity for survival!
Remember … When a storm comes, for some it is best to stay out of your way … while for others it’s time to block your way!

Action impressive combat
Amazing graphics 3D with the latest technology Shader
2 campaigns single player – driven story: light and dark campaign
More than 25 themed missions highly detailed fantasy
secrets Bonus games
12 different playable character classes
5 powerful heads final
musical score epic and awesome sound effects



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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