Quixel Mixer 2018.2.4.0 Beta (Win/Mac) (macOS)

Quixel Mixer 2018.2.4.0 Beta (Win/Mac) | 380/420 Mb

Quixel has unveiled Mixer version 2018.2.4 beta. Introducing Layer Masks, new and improved Blend Modes, Tool Tips, and a range of quality-of-life features, Quixel Mixer now enables an even faster and more customizable material authoring experience.

Powerful mixing workflow.

Mix any number of textures to create new and completely customized materials, and leverage the fast and powerful physical layering system to quickly build unique surfaces. Get creative with ease, and blend your custom-made textures with Megascans materials.

32-bit multi-channel painting.

Let your creativity flow with tileable multi-channel painting, with up to 32-bit 8K fidelity. Sculpt, paint and control your material blends using custom brushes or any brush straight from the Megascans library.

Channel packing + Bridge export.

Easily export your mixes with custom naming conventions and channel-packed textures in any file format. Or save your materials straight to Megascans Bridge, to leverage all the powerful app integrations and live links. Exporting has never been easier.

Zero learning curve.

Quixel Mixer is designed from the ground up to be extremely fast to pick up. Create photo-realistic surface mixes in minutes, and export your results with ease. With Quixel Mixer, you never have to compromise speed or quality.

System Requirements: PC / MacOsx
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / MacOsx

Home Page - https://megascans.se/apps/mixer



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