Drive Genius 4.1.1 (Mac OS X)

Analyze, Optimize and repair your Disk Drives
Drive Genius is a professional tool that gathers various Utilities that facilitate the management of Disk drives to provide a wide range of functions, from the repair and Analysis of records to the editing sector units, through cloning of volumes and much more
Thanks to this explosion of Utilities and Power Drive Genius, will allow you to keep your drive always in perfect condition, optimizing your discs and at regular intervals through a Battery of tests to analyze the surface of the disks. Drive Genius is also very useful when installing New discs, Creating partitions or duplicating an existing Volume.
Among his most remarkable functions, Drive Genius account with Cloning and duplication of drives and volumes, checking the integrity of a record type, with diagnoses of Smart Structures, Repair corrupt volumes and Permits altered or defragmentation and partition units without formatting, the installation Disc further, All this and much more.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or Later

Unzip Password:

  • Password:mojado

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