CLO3D Modelist 2.2.95 Mac OS X

is a 3D fashion design software, specializing in true-to-life garment simulation. It allows you to import and sew 2D CAD patterns on a customized virtual fit model (avatar), to visualize design as well as material modifications in real-time.

3D Garments made in CLO3D can replace the initial development samples of the design development phase, before a final physical sample is made for market / sales. This provides not only a faster, cost-efficient way of working and communicating, but more importantly, an extended platform for creativity.

CLO Virtual Fashion is a fashion design software company specializing in ‘true-to-life’ 3D garment simulation. Our sophisticated algorithm simulates the physical properties of woven fabrics (as well as as leathers and high-performance synthetics), enabling users to visualize design, material, color, and graphic variations and modifications in real-time.

More info:

1) Mount the DMG and install
2) Block ANY outgoing connections !!!
3) When asked for "ID" and "Password" just enter bogus information and hit "Start"
Again: You have to BLOCK ANY outgoing connections !!!



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later

Unzip Password:

  • Password:mojado

Download links: