TimeMachineEditor 4.5.7 (Mac OS X)

Time Machine - a utility that performs a backup in OS X - all good, except for one. It is impossible to specify the exact time interval that you want to back up. For example, when the computer is not busy with other tasks or Monday night. But TimeMachineEditor third-party programs to cope with this task.

TimeMachineEditor - utility will allow to specify the interval with which the Time Machine will back up. By default, copies are created every hour, which is good from the point of view of safety and security of data, but are always in demand. TimeMachineEditor allows to set the interval, e.g., 12 or 24 hours. You can designate the month, day and current time.

The utility does not replace Time Machine, it only plans to make a copy at the time when it is convenient. There are three options:

When the computer is not busy with other tasks.
With the indication of the calendar date.

Pressing a separate button, it is possible to force the utility to make backups only when the connected charge. The developer says that the application needs to be run only in case you want to change the settings - a copy will be created automatically.

New in 4.5.7

Minor improvements and fixes.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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