Construct: Escape the System (macOS)

: is a character sci-fi first person who sees you trapped in a computer system, trying to escape.
Explore the system and find the 8 “Orbs enablers” skill. Find and download updates 5 players. 16 searches and extracts the ‘central orbs power system’. Do all this and maybe you can escape.
Key Features
– 4-6 hours of first – person game with elements of puzzle.
– The game is a combination of exploration, platform and careful thought.
– 8 Orbs unique ability to locate.
– puzzle game, p. It gives power to idle machinery with orbs of the machine and turn dark areas with sun Orbs.
– Action Game, p. Changing the direction of gravity with ‘orbits switch gravity’ and quickly move around areas with ‘spheres teleportation’.
– 5 updates to download.
– Platform action, p. Upgrade their skills to enable advanced jump and get faster.
– 16 orbs central power system to extract.
– Unlock the various areas of the computer system to find and extract the energy orbs the core system dangerous areas.
– 57 unique game areas divided into four different areas, standard areas, central areas of the system and update areas.
– 4 unique themes zone: Zone A (City), Zone B (Landscape), Zone C (Abstract) and Zone D (spherical).
– Multiple rendering modes: Default, Negative, Monochrome Default Monochrome and Negative.
– Adjustable graphics options: Bloom, Depth of Field, trees Solares, blur camera movement, camera noise, Chromatic Aberration and water quality.
– Support keyboard and mouse (requires 3 – button mouse).
– Support Xbox 360 controllers
– Excellent soundtrack of science fiction Imphenzia.
– Built Unity 5.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



Download links: