Hand of Fate 2: The Apprentice Dealers

is a dungeon exploration game set in a dark fantasy world. Dominate a game of table brimming with life at every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters that you take care to choose! Choose wisely: your adversary, the dealer enigmatic, not as you will walk with rodeos becomes the instrument of his vengeance.
The table has changed, but the stakes are the same: life or death!


A world transformed: It’s been 100 years since usurped the dealer and the game of life and death has become a new teacher.
22 new and exciting challenges that will take your skills to the limit building decks: hunts down evil murderers, gathers unfortunate love or build a fortress to resist the attack of a plunderer!
Enlists the help of completely new comrades: team up with them in battle or use them to change the rules of the game in your favor!
Hundreds of new encounters, artifacts and objects to win and improve.
RPG combat system and improved action: beam shattered enemies with daggers fast two-handed or machácalos with heavy hammers. Make your combo level increases to unleash powerful special attacks!
Enters into battle with new enemies sticks connected by entirely new cards: conflicts with disciplined imperial soldiers, purge corrupt mutants and repels the northern looters.



System requirements:

  • OS X 10.7 or Later



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