About us

iMojado.com is a Mac application sharing sites. Here you are free to download any you want to download the application, whether it is not a charge.

Freedom may not change the world, but free to help us, sitting in front of the computer’s Mac users.

Order obtain access iMojado best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Safari browser.

Cocmac.com history:
~2015.05  – iMoJado.com on-line operators.

~2015.12  – Add a new domain name Cocmac.com. But  iMoJado.com is working now!!

My Email:[email protected]



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  1. #1

    Wonderful site !!!
    Thank you for your presence on Web !!!

    Ernest Ungureanu3年前 (2015-07-24)Reply
    • thank you!!

      cz253年前 (2015-07-25)Reply
  2. #2

    I am liking the look.

    dry2013年前 (2015-07-26)Reply
  3. #3

    Great Looking Site! Question: When I select “Download” I just get a blank space with no links at all, using Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox…please help!

    J P2年前 (2015-09-24)Reply
    • which app? give the apps link!!

      cz252年前 (2015-09-24)Reply
      • Any app, for example Drive Genius 4.1 http://www.cocmac.com/10/16120.html, first time I visited the site I was able to see links, somehow not anymore, I thank you for your immediate attention, very kind of you. 

        J P2年前 (2015-09-24)Reply
      • Actually, I figured it out, I downloaded Adguard for Mac and after installing I began to experience blocking to the previous “Download Now” orange link, it became invisible. I guess I will have to turn off from now on, Thank you so much for the great work you do.

        J P2年前 (2015-09-24)Reply
  4. #4

    HI CZ25, Great work here, I am loving it. Is there a way to request apps?

    rosan roy2年前 (2015-10-07)Reply
    • you can tell me in here!!!!

      cz252年前 (2015-10-08)Reply
  5. #5

    wery wonderfule site !!  gratulation and thx again for all your work .!
    now since 3 days every dl link dont work   same problem as    J P  truly evry link i try so many.  Thx für support.

    Simon Thomas2年前 (2015-10-19)Reply
    • thank you, can you tell which link is bad?

      cz252年前 (2015-10-20)Reply
  6. #6

    all good …. thx

    Simon Thomas2年前 (2015-10-22)Reply
  7. #7

    Thanks for all that stuff! Any chance for XImportAE by Red Giant?? Would be great.

    mr greengenes2年前 (2015-10-25)Reply
  8. #8

    Nice site.  🙂

    MacNap Applefree2年前 (2015-10-26)Reply
  9. #9

    verry nice site !!!
    but in the moment seems all download links to be dead..
    or is it a local problem??

    Ltd.Knox2年前 (2015-11-16)Reply
  10. #10

    Great Site. For a couple of days, none of the links are working 🙁

    Sloopy Baldwin2年前 (2015-11-17)Reply
    • now is ok!!

      imojado2年前 (2015-11-17)Reply
  11. #11

    you are the best

    marcos merk2年前 (2015-11-30)Reply
  12. #12

    Very nice site, Congratulations, sorry but i’t download. Can You help me? bye JoePapa

    dettyjoe2年前 (2015-12-11)Reply
  13. #13

    I would like to know if rapidgator download option will be available soon…

    guidodido2年前 (2015-12-11)Reply
    • :(Ok, thanks!

      guidodido2年前 (2015-12-11)Reply
  14. #14

    Sorry but it’s not working, only links to advertisements. What’s wrong with it?

    cavolata2年前 (2015-12-18)Reply
    • whick links? i can repaid it!!!

      Mr.Rolos2年前 (2015-12-19)Reply
      • Hi Mr.Rolos, I’ve tried several …say Drive Genius, CleanMyMac 3.2.2 Final and more. No way to get liks working. Using Chrome on Os 10.11.2, AdGuard switched off. Any clue about? Uploaded does not work here. Thanks

        cavolata2年前 (2015-12-20)Reply
        • yes,me too! but i found a new way to block the ads !! you can use the ADB of chmore’s plung!

          Mr.Rolos2年前 (2015-12-20)Reply
  15. #15

    thanks so much for your nice web, I got buildbox from your website and I really want to Iconbox by buildbox I try to search iconbox I cant find it 🙁

    sooha2年前 (2015-12-21)Reply
    • waitting for me, i will give you a links~!

      iMojado2年前 (2015-12-21)Reply
      • Thanks so much ! waiting ^^

        sooha2年前 (2015-12-22)Reply
  16. #16

    mojado please upload Iconbox please!!!!!!!!!

    sooha2年前 (2016-01-03)Reply
    • http://ul.to/9g3a4l9r Download it!!!

      iMoJado2年前 (2016-01-03)Reply
      • Thanks so much dude ^^

        sooha2年前 (2016-01-03)Reply
      • this is not iconbox by buildbox dude^^ 🙁

        sooha2年前 (2016-01-04)Reply
  17. #17

    mojado ur navicat premium is too old please upload new version

    Roohi2年前 (2016-02-05)Reply
  18. #18

    i cant download premiere cc v9.2 because the file is too big to get it for free in uploaded and the others dont work. I click and the page only refresh

    mike2年前 (2016-02-12)Reply
  19. #19

    I cant download Dragon Frame, The link in mega is lock. Can you Help me? 😀

    Pat2年前 (2016-03-05)Reply
    • give me your email, i sent to you!

      Mojado2年前 (2016-03-05)Reply
  20. #20

    Could you please re-upload ShredIt X 6.0.3? Thanks mate!!

    Alex2年前 (2016-03-09)Reply
  21. #21

    Hi mate,
    from several days to me your home page is unreachable, while the rest of the site works correctly.
    Just for your knowledge.

    Alex2年前 (2016-04-13)Reply
  22. #22

    Thank you ! Thousand times thank you !

    Philippe2年前 (2016-08-06)Reply
  23. #23

    please upload deskopserver for mac

    alex2年前 (2016-08-20)Reply
  24. #24

    Great site! Thank you!

    Is there a chance to get the Suite Smartt?

    Many components are similar to basiccolors own products, so there´s a chance to unlock the whole suite?

    Thanks a lot!


    Steve12个月前 (03-10)Reply
  25. #25

    Hi Thank you for this site. it is amazing. Would it be possible to have tvpaint 10 or 11 pro animation software?

    ochellm11个月前 (04-12)Reply
  26. #26

    im trying to download this but the download link works but theres nothing at the end but https://www.imojado.org/54/30982.html

    omar10个月前 (04-15)Reply